Dear parents!

Education of a kid – this is a way of self-determination, formation of a worldview and development of practical skills. Choice that you make, launching the study of your children, will definitely result in their ability to successfully become a part of society in the future.

Understanding the increasable value of tangibly resultant education, we chose an international format of knowledge transfer. We aim to utilize driving experience to develop our students comprehensively and to widen opportunities for realization of their potential with dignity without territorial restrictions.

Education at a school is important as at a preschool that becomes a first fundamental step.

Lasting cooperation with Canadian institutions creates a joint educational space, where the children feel themselves free and open talents. This partnership is of utmost importance for providing them with modern learning programs, technologies and materials, as well as for involving qualified educators. After the finish of a full course of education and the obtainment of an international diploma alumni will be able study at prominent world universities.

We will be glad to see you at our establishments VISION to work together at better future of our children!