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Preschool Enrollment

To enroll your child at the Vision Trilingual Preschool Kyiv, you need to complete a form.

By completing the form and its submission to the e-mail info@eisvisionstudy.com, you begin your child’s admission process. You will be further contacted to arrange a meeting.




Conditions of the Service Agreement

Other forms to further formalize the admission.

the calendar of the institution;

other forms for further processing of receipt.

Registration of a child in kindergarten

Thanks to the comfortable conditions and high level of training, the Canadian trilingual kindergarten Vision (Kiev) has won the trust of many parents. You can enroll a child in kindergarten via the Internet online, which greatly simplifies the procedure, while a minimum package of documents is required from the parents. Why is it worth enrolling a child in a kindergarten “Vision” (Kiev)?

Before registering a child in the Vision kindergarten (Kiev), each parent quite rightly wants to know the specifics and advantages of the institution. And we can confidently say that this preschool institution has something to be proud of. The Canadian method of education, introduced into the educational and educational processes, allows children to master several languages ​​at once in a relaxed playful way with immersion in the language environment.

In addition to learning foreign languages, teachers ensure the all-round development of each kid, taking into account his individual characteristics and perception. There is a wonderful, friendly atmosphere in which children feel comfortable at home, and the educators and the director regularly report to the parents on how their child is developing.

Nutrition provides four types of menus, including lactose-free, vegetarian, gluten-free, and this is an important reason why registering a child in the Vision kindergarten (Kiev) is the right decision, since parents can be calm about their baby who has problems with the perception of certain products.

Enrolling a child in Vision kindergarten (Kiev): where to start?

Registration of a child in a kindergarten Vision (Kiev) is carried out in a convenient online mode through the website vision.study. At the initial stage, you do not need to go anywhere – just open the website page and fill out the form offered by the electronic registration of children in the kindergarten. This form contains basic information about the child, his parents, place of residence, etc.

After completing the form, it should be sent by e-mail to kyiv@visionpreschool.com. From this moment, an electronic enrollment in the kindergarten begins. After reviewing the questionnaire, an invitation will be sent to the parents for a personal meeting with the head of the preschool educational institution. You can get additional information on how the registration for the Vision kindergarten (Kiev) is carried out using the phone number indicated on the website or the feedback button.

During the meeting with the director of the kindergarten, the parents will be familiarized in detail with the terms of the service agreement, the cost of training, the work plan, and the daily routine. They will also be explained the procedure for registration and the list of documents that will be required in order to register a child in the Vision kindergarten (Kiev).

Enrollment in Vision kindergarten (Kiev) is possible for a different period, but the institution offers especially favorable conditions for those who enroll for a whole year. In this case, parents receive preferential discounts on payment. Also online, you can sign up your baby for a trial week so that the child can adapt, and the parents can better understand all the advantages of the institution.

What documents are required to enroll in a kindergarten?

In addition to the application, registration in the garden requires the following documents:

Also, the package of documents required to enroll in the Vision kindergarten in the city of Kiev includes copies of a document from one of the parents who signs an agreement with the institution, as well as forms about allergies and the institution’s use of a child’s photo. All copies that involve the registration (registration) of a child in a kindergarten must be made from the originals.

Vision Trilingual Preschool is a preschool educational institution that is part of the global Canadian network that has been successfully operating for two decades, uniting 26 private institutions in Canada and other countries. This is a place where great personalities grow up, and everything is exclusively in the interests of the child.

Vision Canadian kindergarten and Vision Lyceum private school are: