Terms and Conditions

Enrollment order

Порядок зарахування до Школи

Enrollment of students in the School runs in compliance with an established order and it is normally held before the start of a school year.

Parents of the students or their legal representatives provide copies of documents in line with the list presented when they have originals. Personal file of a pupil and a certificate on a particular education level are submitted if necessary. Children are usually enrolled in the first grade at the age of 6.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons are enrolled in the School taking into account requirements of the national legislation and international agreements.

Enrollment competition rules

Правила конкурсного відбору

Enrollment of the students in all the grades of the School runs on the competition basis.

To participate in the competition the children (students) should submit a personal statement (for minors – statements of parents or people, who replace them), that is addressed to the School’s Director, a student success report (except the children, who enter the 1st grade).

Administration of the education institution can establish particular (beneficial) conditions of the competition for determined children’s groups, that is set out in the Enrollment Competition Rules.

Behaviour rules and security measures

Правила поведінки і заходи безпеки

Child’s world – these are his spiritual and physical qualities, which are reflected through movements, actions, communication and other skills.

This a reason why it is important to respect needs of every student and, at the same time, to develop his respectful attitude towards other people.

Compliance with common behavior rules helps to encourage self-discipline, to improve the system of health and security, prosperity of children and adults, as well as to develop mutual respect and proper attitude towards material assets.

Policy on Internet network usage and mobile devices

Політика використання Інтернет-мережі та мобільних пристроїв

Policy is valid for all students, staff, parents or legal representatives of students and visitors during their presence at the School. The student should respect this Policy because the usage of the Internet network and of a mobile device is considered as a permission and not as a right gained.

Access to the Internet network of the School is provided for the students to facilitate their education, for the staff during fulfilment of obligations, for the parents or legal representatives of the students and for the visitors for possible participation in the educative process.