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In our garden you can choose one of four types of menus for your child!

Especially for young pupils of the Vision kindergarten, several types of menus are presented, adapted to the needs of a growing organism and the individual characteristics of each child, by the way, the cost of food varies depending on its type.

We cooperate with catering companies serving a large number of preschool and school educational institutions in the city of Kiev. They are trusted by many parents, and only high-quality products are used in the cooking process.

The Vision Trilingual Preschool provides a choice of the following types of menus:
Regular menu
This is a universal type of food suitable for preschool and school children. It includes products containing the amount of animal and plant proteins, as well as carbohydrates, necessary for a growing organism. Also, it always contains a large amount of fruits and vegetables.
Vegetarian menu
This type of food does not contain foods containing animal protein. Its substitutes are vegetable protein found in legumes, as well as tofu cheese.
Lactose-free menu
We know that many babies have problems with the absorption of lactose, which is why we have included this type of baby food in our diet. It includes lactose-free foods and vegetable oils.
Gluten free menu
Gluten intolerance is also a common problem in the modern world. Especially for babies with this ailment, a menu has been developed that includes gluten-free pasta and cereals, and all baked goods are made from gluten-free flour.

Our menus are constantly updated and children love it. In addition, parents can independently adjust the set of dishes, taking into account the individual characteristics of their child.

Vision Preschool Nutrition

The preschool offers its pupils several menu options, from which parents can compose the best diet, taking into account the preferences and physiological characteristics of their child. The menu in the preschool is developed by professional nutritionists, and only high-quality products are used in the cooking process.

Vision Preschool Menu

The preschool institution cooperates with the best proven catering companies, which serve a large number of children’s educational institutions in the capital. So, the preschool menu offers the following options:

The usual food offered by the preschool includes in the menu products with the composition of proteins and carbohydrates necessary for a growing body. There are a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Preschool Vegetarian Nutrition it’s a menu of ingredients that are completely free of animal protein. But given the fact that protein is one of the main building blocks of a growing body, substitute products are used, such as tofu cheese, legumes and other ingredients.

Taking into account that many children have problems with the assimilation of lactose (milk sugar), the preschool introduced lactose-free food. The menu excludes oils of animal origin, as well as other products containing lactose (dairy products, baked goods, sausages, puddings, etc.). A gluten-free menu involves the use of gluten-free flour products.

The preschool menu is constantly updated and all kids like it very much.

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