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Cost of care and education services

5 days

per week
(Monday through Friday)

500 $

per MONTH*

3 days

per week
(Monday through Friday)

300 $


2 days

per week
(Monday through Friday)

200 $




Immersion in English Language
Introduction to French
Psychomotor development classes
Increase of muscle tone and development of motor skills
Workshops guided by educator
Consumable materials for education
Services in comprehensive early assessment
– Daily (educator)
– Weekly as needed (Principal)
– Report for parents (twice a year )
Family atmosphere and modern equipped classes


School supplies
School uniform
There is an additional annual fee (250-275 CAD)

The cost of kindergarten in Kiev

The cost of private preschools in Kyiv often involves unjustifiably large sums, while parents who send a baby to a preschool do not fully understand how they are formed. In contrast to them, a private preschool Vision proposes adequate prices under the best conditions for the education and the upbringing of preschoolers

Vision is a private preschool, in which the price of services and payment for stay are formed fairly and completely transparent for parents. There are no hidden payments for repairs, holidays, “voluntary” funds and other devices that are sometimes practiced by private preschools in Kyiv, and the prices have their own justification.

What determines the cost of the preschool per month?

First of all, it should be noted that the Vision Preschool, which works according to a special Canadian method, which was introduced in Ukraine for the first time, but for 20 years has already established itself in other countries as the most effective. The educational process involves the study of several languages at once with full immersion in the language environment. The best staff of professional teachers works here, special teaching materials, inventory and other tools are involved in order for each child to effectively develop in all directions in an interesting playful way.

Accordingly, the price is formed for the services offered by a private preschool. First of all, the number of days a child visits per week is taken into account. For example, 5 days per week (from Monday to Friday) will cost parents 500 USD. per month, and a two-day visit – 200 USD. per month. The preschool also requires an annual admission fee, which costs 275 Canadian dollars.

The price includes a large list of services that a private preschool offers, the price includes the following items:

A paid preschool, the price of which per month is quite acceptable, creates the best family atmosphere for kids, in which children feel as comfortable and safe as possible. Everything – from furniture to consumables – involves the creation of a playful cognitive environment where the child fully develops not only intellectual abilities, but also physical activity.

What the private preschool does not include in the price?

A private preschool Vision in Kyiv does not include items such as uniforms and nutrition in prices. The institution has developed 4 types of menus, so each parent will be able to choose the best option for their child, depending on the tastes and preferences of the baby.