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Preschool fee

Fee for education and care services


5 days per week
(from Monday to Friday)

from 6 000 UAH*

*Preferential fee



Choice of curriculum (Canadian, Ukrainian, mixed)
Study of French as the second foreign language (facultative)
Lessons for overall child development
Psychomotor development
Consumable materials for education
Comprehensive assessment of early child development
– Daily regular report
– Six-monthly child progress report
Family atmosphere and modern equipped groups




There is a fee for annual rights (to be effective after the end of the martial law)

Fee for education within Vision Trilingual Preschool in Kyiv is built with regard to a need to ensure a quality approach to education and care of children. Some services are to be paid up in addition.

Nowadays we offer a preferential fee.

The children’s overall development is run in five areas.

Comfortable conditions and moder equipped groups are provided to teach the children in friendly and family atmosphere.

The reschool fees in Kyiv

The cost of private preschools in Kyiv often reflects unjustifiably large sums. Otherwise, parents, who send a child to a preschool, do not fully understand how they are formed.
The Preschool VISION proposes attractive prices with better conditions for the education and behaviour management of preschoolers.

Services cost and payment methods at the Preschool VISION are completely transparent for the parents. There are no hidden payments for repairs, «voluntary contributions» etc.

What determines the fee?

First of all, the Preschool VISION is the institution that proposes a unique Canadian curriculum. In Ukraine such the curriculim is launched ahead, but over 25 years it is efficiently used in Canada and promoted in the world. The educational process is held through thematic plans that are changed on the monthly basis. The working language under this  curriculum is English. Qualified educators hold lessons, original methodological materials, as well as necessary equipment and and other pedagogical tools are used to ensure the overall development of every child in a playful form.

Therefore, the pricing is determined in accordance with the level of the services.

To get more information about our Preschool VISION contact us in any convenient for you way.