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International School

Curricula of CANADA and UKRAINE

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International School in partnership with Canada

Curricula: of CANADA (in English) and of UKRAINE (in Ukrainian)

Curriculum of Canada is recognized for its world class education system. It prepares students for success in the rapidly changing global community

Educational process is ensured in line with standards of Canada and Ukraine

Registration is opened through the form.

Additional information can be obtained from administration of the institution by phone: +380 96 3378 660; e-mail: kyiv@visionlyceum.com


  • Development of literacy and basis of systematic knoweledge
  • Concentration on global competencies:
    › Communication and collaboration
    › Critical thinking and problem solving
    › Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Use of advanced technologies


International standards of quality education and modern approaches to transwer of knoweledges

Study in small groups for better results of every student

Comfortable conditions and safety environment to increase student’s motivation towards learning

Programmes in English and in Ukrainian. Study of French as the second foreign language

Education to receive high school diploma of Canada and Ukraine

Preparation for entry to best universities and colleges throughout Canada and around the world


Integral parts of the Curricula:

Curriculum of the New Ukrainian School (NUS) – subjects taught in Ukrainian

Currriculum of Canada – subjects taught in English

Deep study of French – Français, langue seconde

– Intensive learning programme, additional hours for deep study of particular subjects

– Control over educational progress through clear criteria

Entry conditions

1 step

Get information about the School

2 step

Fill in the form

3 step

Have an interview with the student

4 step

Conclude an agreement with the Institution

Education at private International School of Kyiv is held in line with international and Ukrainian curricula in small classes. It makes possible for the teacher to pay maximum attention to every student.

Within the learning process we take into account individual characteristics of students and create all necessary conditions for their harmonious and overall development.

According to many experts, such an approach contributes to maximum development of children’s skills and talents, increases their motivation towards the learning that directly results in its efficiency.

Private School with international Curriculum taught in English

Importance of obtainment of an international diploma and knoweledge of foreign languages is extremely actual today. Children get deep knoweledges in the field of exaxt and academic disciplines. This is an opportunity to study at prominent educational institutions, to have a successful career and to travel without barriers. Nowadays a few schools in Kyiv offer a reputable international and accredited curriculum taught in English, study of the second foreign language – French and the study in small classes. We offer this and all conditions are created for children to dive into the science world and to rest actively.

Particularities of the studying at the International School

The School successfully implements best standards of the international education, provides an opportunity to study subjects in English. At the Institution the children will be in a friendly environment and will be invited to promote healthy and active lifestyle.

The private International School offers the following curricula:

  • Canadian Currriculum – the Curriculum accredited in Canada with deep study of exact and academic disciplines taught in English;
  • NUS Curriculum – the new Curriculum of the New Ukrainian School, subjects taught in Ukrainian;
  • Intensive study of French as the second foreign language.

Learning outcomes are assessed on the basis of clear criteria. Our Institution also offers small classes for achievement of better results in education and behaviour management of the children. It allows the teacher to pay maximum attention to every student, taking into account his personal needs.

Extended day group

At parent’s convenience the children can attend our Institution within the extended day group. In this format the children stay at the School during almost the full day and on extracurricular hours they can visit clubs and elective courses or have additional communication in English with a teacher to improve their language skills.

How to enter the International School?

To get more information about the International School you can refer to the website: vision.study. To submit an application you need to fill in and to send a pre-registration form, to visit an interview with the student, providing the teacher with an opportunity to assess his individual skills and needs. Later on, you will be asked to conduct an agreement and to make a payment. Our School, unlike other similar institutions, proposes attractive fees that allows the parents to have more possibilities for the children to study in line with the prominent international Curriculum and to get other advantages.

We are ready to help children to develop globally and to learn foreign languages systematically.