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Kyiv Private Lyceum “Vision”

Official partner of Vision School World Inc., Canada

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Kyiv private lyceum “Vision” in partnership with Vision School World Inc., Canada (https://ecolevision.com/).

The curriculum of the primary school envisages an in-depth study of mathematics and foreign languages ​​(English and French), which will be taught according to the Canadian methodology.

The educational process will be developed in line with standards of Vision School World Inc.

Pre-registration is opened form.

Additional information can be obtained from the administration of the institution by phone number:
+380 96 3378 660;
e-mail: kyiv@visionlyceum.com


  • In-depth study of foreign languages ​​and mathematics
  • Canadian methods of education
  • In-depth study of foreign languages ​​and mathematics
  • Advanced technologies
  • Thoughtful pedagogy
  • Healthy and active lifestyle
  • Friendly environment


Studying in small groups (up to 15 students) to ensure quality education according to needs of each student
Comfortable conditions, safe family environment and modern approaches to transfer knowledge and to increase student’s motivation to learn

In-depth study of foreign languages ​​(English, French) and mathematics for full integration of students into the world educational environment in the future
Using the best Canadian experience in the organizing of educational process to improve skills of teachers and to achieve high results


Integral parts of the educational program are:

Program of the New Ukrainian School (NUS) – subjects are taught in Ukrainian

English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics – subjects for profound study are taught in English in accordance with materials of Vision World School Inc.

Français – subject to be taught in French within the program of the Vision World School Inc. «Français, langue seconde»

To the end of the efficient absorption of learning materials, time for the study of subjects is increased and subjects number is reduced per day.

Study effectiveness for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics is evaluated on the basis of special benchmarks developed by the Vision World School Inc.

Conditions of entry

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Get more information about the school

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Fill in forms

3 step

Have an interview

4 step

Sign an admission agreement


LYCEUM “VISION” pricing for education and supervision services.

► Annual rights cost of 280 CAD (canadian dollar).
► Annual amount of 5,000 USD for the educational services and the supervision services (hereinafter referred as Education fee).

Annual fee

Education feee

5,000 usd

Month fee

Education feee

500 usd

The educational process in the private Lyceum Vision in the city of Kiev (primary school) takes place in small classes, numbering no more than 15 people, which makes it possible for the teacher to pay maximum attention to each of the students.

In the learning process, we always take into account the individual characteristics of each child and create all the necessary conditions for his harmonious all-round development at a pace suitable for him, because, as you know, all children are different and have different cognitive abilities.

According to many experts, this approach contributes to the maximum development of children’s skills and talents, as well as increases their motivation and awakens an interest in learning, which is the basis of effective learning.

About prolongation

For the convenience of parents, for an additional fee in our Lyceum there is the possibility of visiting it in a full day format.

In this case, children are in school almost all day, but at the same time they have enough free time so as not to feel excessive fatigue.

In addition, this format of attendance will be useful for the child, since in extracurricular activities, children speak English, replenishing their vocabulary and improving their language skills.

Private School with Advanced English Language Studies

The importance of knowing foreign languages is more relevant today than ever before. This is an opportunity not only to travel freely, but also to study at prestigious educational institutions of the world and to make a breakthrough career, that’s why every parent tries to send his or her child to a school with profound knowledge of foreign languages. We offer profound knowledge of English and French, our lyceum is a leader in Ukraine.

It is worth noting that today it is rare to find a private school in Kiev’s district of Goloseevsky, Solomenskyi, Shevchenko or Pechersk, or lyceums in other locations of Kiev that boasts a bilingual bias, teaching children in small groups and the ability to develop quality English or French skills with a native speaker. A private elementary school in Kiev Vision is a lyceum with profound study of English, where all conditions are created for children to immerse themselves in a comfortable environment.

Peculiarities of studying at the private lyceum Vision (Kiev)

The Vision Lyceum in Kiev successfully implements proven Canadian educational methods with an in-depth study of languages. Friendly atmosphere, healthy and active lifestyle awaits the children in the educational institution.

Vision (Kiev) is a private school, offering the following programs:

Learning outcomes are assessed on the basis of the Vision World School Inc. criteria. Unlike conditions offered by other elementary schools in Kiev, in Vision the classes are formed with a small number of students, not exceeding 15 people. It allows the teacher to give maximum attention to each student and take into account his or her individual cognitive abilities. One more important plus is availability of the after-school program, when a child attends the establishment in the form of a full day, but at the same time children have enough time to rest and not feel tired in the evening. In addition, extracurricular activities are conducted in English, and children can improve their language skills and enrich their vocabulary.

How to enroll in the Lyceum of Foreign Languages in Kiev?

Get more information about the school with profound study of a foreign language at the official site vision.study. To enroll, you should fill in an application form and attend an interview where a teacher will talk to the child to assess his or her individual qualities. Then you will need to pay the tuition fee and sign an agreement of admission. Vision is a private school in Kiev at a reasonable price. You can also familiarize with all rates on the site.

Vision Canadian Kindergarten and Vision Lyceum Private School are:

We use the Canadian methodology and only here your child will get an in-depth education in English and French, private school Vision in Kiev, is ready to help children learn a foreign language well.