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Internal management rules of the institution

House Rules at the Vision Trilingual Preschool.


Vision Trilingual Preschool Kyiv offers the Services in accordance with the working schedule of the institution within working days during the year. Children arrive at the latest 15 minutes before the beginning of the activities/ We count on the presence and punctuality of all children so that the class can start in time. The changes of the schedule are possible and the parents will be informed.


Parents must accompany their children inside the building. Upon arrival in the reception zone, an educator will take over the responsibility of the children.

At the end of the day children can stay outdoor or in the institution, where the parent or the person authorized by the parent can pick up their child. As soon as the child has joined his parent or the person authorized by the parent, he is under their responsibility. The brothers and sisters who accompany their parents are also under their supervision.

The parent shall pick up their child no later than the institution is closed. Regular delays in this regard may result in sanctions or penalties from the side of the institution.


In order the planned activities can flow smoothly and the children could fully enjoy their education and play time, parents are asked to arrive at the latest 15 minutes before the start of the class activities.

Parents are asked to notify the educator or institutions administrator before 9.00 am to report any planned or unplanned absences. For last-minute cases, the parents should contact the preschool administration at (phone number: +38067 6236 502, 096 337 8660), making to state the child’s name, group, reason and length of absence.


The parents’ committee may be organized to improve conditions for education and be composed of:

five parents elected;
a member of the Directorate of the institution;
a representative of the staff of the institution.


Unless there is a written notice from the physician, all children must go outdoor during scheduled time.


If a child is sick (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach aches, etc.), parents are asked to keep the child at home. In order to be well informed on cases leading to sickness of the child or exclusion from the institution because of the sickness, you are invited to contact the preschool administration.

If a child is sick or injured at school and needs to return home, parents will be called to come pick up the child in due course.


All prescribed medications must be handed to the administrator or the educator of the institution in the original container. The following elements must be clearly written on the label: name of the child, name of the drug, expiry date, dosage, duration of treatment. Children will not be given medication that is non-prescribed by a doctor or without a written order of the parents. For security reasons, children are not allowed to keep medicine in their possession.

No analgesic drug will be given to children.


If a person other than the parents is assigned to pick up a child, parents are asked to notify the educator and coordinator as soon as possible by email: kyiv@visionpreschool.com In order to be identified, this person will have to show a piece of identification before leaving with the child. Administration of the institution can ask to make a copy of such the document.


We encourage children to adopt good eating habits. Parents are thus asked to only add healthy food in the children’s lunch boxes if they decide to provide nutrition themselves in line with the institution nutrition policy.


It’s important for parents to park their car in a parking space, even for a short period of time, so as not to block traffic and to facilitate parking of other vehicles. Parents are asked to firmly hold their child’s hand when they move.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke, whether inside or outside the institution in the presence of children.


In case of bad weather or other force majeure situations the decision to suspend the school activities is taken by the leadership of the institution. This decision will be communicated to parents via (email, SMS or phone) There is no refund if the institution closes due to bad weather or force majeure situations.


There is no compulsory uniform. T-shirt or other clothes elements with the Vision Trilingual Preschool logo the children will be asked to wear on special occasions. Parents will be able to buy these special T-shirts or other clothes elements straight from the institution.

Children are required to have one pair of shoes for interior activities (including mini gym classes) and another pair of shoes/boots for outside activities.

Rain gear and rain boots are required to allow children to participate in daily outdoor activities in rainy weather.

All items belonging to a child must be identified in his name including stockings, mittens, hat, neck warmers, shoes, etc.


To promote a healthy climate, any item from home other than those in the list of school items (e.g. toys, teddy bear, costume jewels and other) is prohibited in the school, except on special occasions specified by the educator.


The list of required by the institution items may be given to parents once the admission process has been completed.


The participation of parents is sometimes needed during field trips to help with children supervision. Parents will be notified in advance and those interested will simply need to advise the educator. Transportation is usually provided by the institution.


Parents who have questions about tuition fees or their child’s development are invited to contact the Vision Trilingual Preschool administration at +38067 6236 502, 096 337 8660 during normal business hours.

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