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Primary group


Toddlers after 18 months become more aware of the environment. Taking into account their biological rhythms, the educator pays special attention to the physical, psychological and emotional needs that contribute to the child’s development. The proposed activities stimulate children’s interest in new movements and experiences. They begin to create imaginary pictures that are prioritized for developing speech and understanding the meaning of words. The unique technique gives the kid the opportunity to develop his abilities and skills that will help him to better and faster interact with the environment. Children’s ability to learn foreign languages at an early age is much greater than in school. Therefore, the teaching takes place in an English speaking environment. This allows the child to become multilingual from the first years of life.


Early age group
(18 months – 3 years)

Meeting at the preschool (outdoor or in the classroom)

8.30-8.40 a.m.

Hygiene procedures / First breakfast (if needed)

8.40 a.m.

Morning program

9.15 a.m.

Hygienic procedures / Basic breakfast

9.30 a.m.

Thematic activities (education through a play)

10.00 a.m.

Linguistic lesson (French)

10.45 a.m.

Classes in the mini-gym

11.00 a.m.

Free play

11.30 a.m.

Linguistic lesson (Ukrainian)

11.45 a.m.

Hygienic procedures / Lunch

12.15 p.m.

Free play. Hygienic procedures. Preparation for nap time. Listening to stories

12.45 p.m.


13.00 p.m.


15.00 p.m.

Hygiene procedures/Snack

15.30 p.m.

“Play 5” workshop

16.00 p.m.

Evening care. Free play

16.30 p.m.

Extra school clubs (particular conditions)

16.30 p.m.

Hygienic procedures. Dinner (if needed)

17.15 p.m.

Closure of preschool

18.30 p.m.

Preschool from 18 months

Parents independently decide at what age to give their child to preschool: some are looking for preschools from 2 years old, while others are trying to find preschool institutions where English is taught for 3 years old children.

The best offer on the preschool education market is a private preschool from 18 months, which is part of a large global network. This is perhaps one of the few institutions where children are taken to a nursery from 18 months in Kyiv, and already during this period the child begins to master the basics of different languages.

Features of the educational program, which is practiced by a Canadian private preschool Vision (Kyiv) for children from 18 months

Preschool Vision from 1.5 year old is a unique Canadian method of preschool education, which assumes the all-round development of the child in a playful environment. A private preschool from 1.5 – 6 years old immerses the child in an English-speaking environment, but at the same time playful forms of learning are used, which aroused considerable interest in the child.

Children who go to preschool at 2 years of age can earlier “absorb” information very quickly and become multilingual from the first years of life. Here they are not only taught words and phrases, but also pushed to the desire to master the language for unhindered communication, in order to freely understand everything that is happening around.

Children who go to the preschool at 1,5 years old are enrolled in the primary group, where the upbringing and educational processes take place taking into account biological rhythms. At this age, a lot of attention is paid to emotional and psychological needs. Also, a preschool from 18 months (Kyiv) promotes active physical development, stimulates kids’ interest in movements and impressions.

Education provides for different types of activities, in the process of which the social, emotional, speech development of pupils takes place. At the same time, the space is filled with a variety of game tools that make the learning process entertaining and effective. 

By bringing a child to the preschool at the age of 1,5 to 2 years, you will not only provide a comfortable stay for your baby in a friendly family atmosphere, but also give the opportunity to master important skills, the ability to make decisions on his own and find a way out of conflict situations. In addition, your child will learn not only to speak, but also to think in English.

Lyceum VISION and Canadian Vision Trilingual Preschool is: