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Trilingual preschool

Trilingual preschool

Official partner of Vision School World Inc., Canada

18 months-6 y.o.

English immersion

Canadian concept

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What parents are saying about Vision


I can share a great experience. My daughter visited this preschool for 2 months. And I was happy with everything! The staff is loving, patient and organized. Highly advise! In my opinion, this is one of the best preschools.


We are satisfied with the preschool. There is nothing more important than knowing that we are bringing our baby to a safe and fun place! So I recommend to everyone!


Great approach to learning. Very stimulating for children. The main advantage is that children do not just attend classes in English and French, but are in an environment where they are constantly spoken to in different languages. This allows the child to learn a foreign language in his or her native language.


Congratulations on opening a representative office in Kyiv. In Canada, we were satisfied with the Vision preschool.


Very cool preschool! My son goes there every day with a smile and he learns a lot. The management listens to parents. Teaching is in English, French and Ukrainian. Join without fear, you won’t be disappointed!


The preschool is new! Very effective method of education. The whole learning process takes place in a play form.

Trilingual private preschool in Kyiv

Preschool institutions with high-quality teaching of foreign languages are very rare nowadays, but residents of the capital have a unique opportunity to send their baby to a good paid private preschool VISION (Kyiv), working according to the Canadian education program. Here there is a special method of all-round development and full immersion in a foreign language environment with native speakers, which ensures the effectiveness of the learning process.

Advantages of a private kindergarten Vision in Kiev?

Today, many private kindergartens (Kiev) advertise foreign language training, and parents can pay attention to the nearest kindergartens near their home, but, as practice shows, such institutions give minimal basic knowledge, as there is no communication with a foreign native speaker. The main advantage of a private kindergarten is that it works on the Canadian methodology (see details on the website), and children are engaged directly with native speakers still at the stage when they attend nursery school (Kiev). After all, the ability to speak languages is much better at an early age, and constant communication in different languages makes them almost native to the child.

In addition, a private kindergarten VISION in Kiev – which provides a good level of disclosure of individual qualities, social, emotional, speech development and, despite the fact that the group paid, the institution enjoys great popularity among parents, wishing that their child develops effectively all-round in a quiet and playful atmosphere.

Kindergarten private – it is not only a great opportunity for a child to learn a foreign language, but also a lot of other advantages, which you will certainly appreciate when you visit the site. Namely:

Apart from the educational process much attention is paid to a cozy and comfortable environment. Four types of menu have been developed, so each parent will be able to choose the best meal for his/her child.

Age groups of the Vision kindergarten

There are four main age groups that kindergarten enrolls: nursery, junior and middle, and senior. Private nurseries (Kiev) are for children from 18 months to 3 years of age. At this stage of development, educators emphasize physical, emotional needs, taking into account biological rhythms. A unique method of play-based learning process is aimed at developing skills of interaction with the surrounding world. VISION is a kindergarten in Kiev, where nursery school group is taught in an English-speaking environment, which allows children to master a foreign language from their first years of life.

The junior and middle groups take children from 3 to 5 years old. At this age, special attention is paid to the development of logical thinking and conflict resolution skills. Children learn to develop their own strategies for communicating with the community around them. Already in the middle group written exercises, interactive reading, deepening of foreign language, due to what private kindergarten (Kiev) effectively prepares children for entering school.

A child attending a commercial fee-based preschool – nursery, junior, middle groups, at age 5 goes to the last stage – the senior group, where the Canadian curriculum creates all the conditions for successful preparation for school. All lessons are taught in English, the vocabulary of French is introduced, and mathematical knowledge, writing, reading, and speaking are actively developed.

Enroll in a private kindergarten at Vision

VISION is a Canadian private kindergarten (Kiev), where the best methods of educational and developmental process are successfully introduced in a comfortable atmosphere, and you can always find contacts (address, phone numbers) on the website vision.study. Here you can also read a lot of feedback from parents whose children are already attending a private kindergarten in Kiev. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our staff, who will provide detailed information and instructions on how to enroll in a private kindergarten in Kiev.

Canadian Vision Trillingual Preschool is: