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Preschool from 1,5 to 7 y.o

Today, many parents are faced with the problem of registering a child in a preschool. Since there are often not enough places in public institutions, and the training process leaves much to be desired, more and more you can find on the Internet search queries regarding private institutions. Someone chooses preschools nearby, close to their place of residence, while someone pays more attention to the quality of teaching, and it does not matter if it is a private preschool (Goloseevskiy district) or some other.

Nowadays the most popular are institutions with a linguistic bias, where a child can learn a foreign language from an early age. One of these is a Canadian preschool Vision for children aged 1.5 year and older, where the learning process takes place according to the latest methods, the children learn the program quickly and efficiently.

The advantages of education and learning in Preschool Vision 

Vision is a private preschool that accepts little residents of Kyiv, regardless of where they live, whether in Solomensky, Goloseevsky (Goloseevo), Shevchenkovsky, Pechersky district (Pechersk) and other areas. The preschool educational institution works according to the Canadian methodology, which involves the complete immersion of kids in the language environment with learning in a playful way. The best comfortable conditions have been created here, a friendly, almost family-like atmosphere in which the child feels calm and confident.

Teachers are native speakers, so children have to learn faster in order to understand everything that happens and communicate freely. Only playful, interesting forms of education are used with the involvement of special teaching materials. Canadian methodology is innovative in Ukraine. It is not practiced by private preschools in Kyiv, which are located in Goloseevskiy, Dneprovsky districts and others. This is a unique development that has proven its effectiveness in Canada and other countries.

Every day, the teacher prepares an electronic report displaying the characteristics and achievements of the child. Also, the results of the progress of each kid are summed up monthly.

At what age are children admitted to preschool?

In the Vision Preschool, children are divided into groups depending on their age:

If you want to choose the best preschool educational institution for your child, you should not look for private preschools, choosing Shevchenkovsky, Pechersky and other districts of Kyiv, contact directly the Vision Preschool, which is a part of the global Canadian network where your child will receive the best preparation for school and master language by an exclusive method.

Lyceum VISION and Canadian Vision Trilingual Preschool is: