Adaptation of the child to kindergarten

Starting kindergarten is a difficult time for a child, because in his life there are a lot of changes that cause stress.

Therefore, parents are very concerned about how long it takes to adapt to kindergarten and how to make it as easy as possible.

In such a delicate matter, the most important thing is not to make such common mistakes as:

Ignoring the adaptation period

A sharp immersion of the baby in the kindergarten environment will be a great stress for him. It is not necessary to leave the child at once all day. Try to be somewhere nearby for the first time, so that in case of an unforeseen situation it is possible to pick up and calm the baby.

Violation of the system

When attending kindergarten not every day, it is much more difficult for a child to adapt and join the regime. An important rule of adaptation – if the baby is healthy, he goes to kindergarten.

Nutrition mismatch

Try to make sure that the child’s diet at home and in kindergarten is the same. In many private kindergartens, the menu of baby food is adapted to the individual needs of the child, but usually the cost of such kindergartens is slightly higher than the average.

Go without saying goodbye

Never try to leave kindergarten so that the child does not notice it. That way, you won’t be able to get rid of her separation anxiety, just to distrust her.

Violation of the regime

Before kindergarten, teach your child to go to bed and wake up at the same time. This will help avoid the extra stress caused by lack of sleep and fatigue.

Inattention to socialization

Prepare the child in advance for communication with adults and children. To do this, you can visit, attend various educational classes or clubs.

Not ready for a negative reaction of the child

Crying and hysteria at the initial stage of attending kindergarten is the norm. It is not necessary to forbid the child to show the emotions. Try to show her that you understand her feelings perfectly and want only the best for her. Give her the opportunity to “digest” and accept change in her life.

During the period of adaptation to kindergarten, the most important role is played by the behavior of parents. Remember that children always feel your anxiety, so try to behave confidently and calmly.

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