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About Vision

Vision Trilingual Preschool is a preschool educational establishment  of the Canadian global network Réseau Vision School World Inc., which has been successfully operating for over 20 years.

Today Réseau Vision School World Inc. brings together 26 private preschool and primary educational institutions in Canada and other countries.

Canadian concept, which is to teach children three languages at the same time through immersion in the English language environment has proved its effectiveness. Regardless of the country the Vision’s approach allows children to learn new languages at an early age. In all preschools, the primary language is English, the second is the official language of the country of the institution, and the third varies depending on institution’s preference. The evidence of the quality of services provided by the network Vision, is multiple receiving by its institutions of a prestigious award «Prix de l’innovation en éducation», as well as partnerships with foreign educational institutions.

The trilingual Vision preschool in Kyiv is completely new level of preparing a child for school in Ukraine. Inspired by the Canadian model, we offer not only exclusive educational programs for language learners, but also an ideal atmosphere for development and self-expression. Classrooms are equipped with furniture and materials specially adapted to Vision’s approach. Six main areas of child development are at the heart of our daily activities, namely:

Affective development and affirmation of personality.

Psychomotor and sensory development.

Speech development.

Social development.

Literacy development.

Give your kids a decent international background – offer them a Vision preschool program!



Multilingualism is considered as an important element of the Content and Language Integrated Learning, based on the usage of a foreign language to learn different subjects. Such an approach provides children with an opportunity both to learn the language, and to use it for the solving of communication and education tasks.










Vision Preschool in Kyiv with an English bias 

Vision Trilingual Preschool (Kyiv) conducts preschool education at a completely new level in Ukraine, where education involves conducting classes according to the Canadian learning method. The preschool is part of a large Canadian network that has been operating for more than two decades, which includes children’s English schools and private preschool institutions.

Vision Preschool in English (Kyiv): methods and programs of preschool education

The English-speaking preschool (Kyiv) offers exclusive education for preschool children, upbringing and learning programs in three languages at once – Ukrainian, English and French. This methodology with full immersion in the language environment has proven its effectiveness in practice.

In the plan of preschool preparation of a child for school, the English private Preschool Vision includes a variety of programs for speech, social, psychomotor development. The establishment has created an ideal environment for self-expression. The staff treats each baby as a small “adult” person: polite, caring, understanding and responsive to his needs.

Everything – from furniture, interiors to didactic materials – is aimed at creating a comfortable environment adapted for children, where children can independently explore the environment. Vision English Preschool (Kyiv) follows the idea that a unique potential is hidden in every child, and if the right conditions are created, it will definitely reveal itself.

English-language Preschool Vision (Kyiv): multilingual education in the preschool program

Multilingual education, which is practiced by an English preschool (Kyiv), involves the creation of conditions when the study of languages becomes a necessity for specific communication tasks. Children at a young age quickly remember such information, and the acquired experience remains for life.

Vision is an English and French preschool in Kyiv at the same time. Classes are held in small groups, which allows the staff to devote enough time to each child. Children are in an environment where they are constantly communicated with in different languages, therefore, for a kid who graduated from our preschool, English and French become almost native, but at the same time learning is carried out in an unobtrusive playful way.

Teaching French and English using this method, the preschool gives the child the opportunity to gain knowledge from different spheres of life: literature, culture, sports, music, etc., due to which the horizons are significantly broadened. Choosing a preschool in French, English, parents give their child new perspectives in life, and the sooner the child comes into contact with a foreign language, the closest it will be for him.

Lyceum VISION and Canadian Vision Trilingual Preschool is: