Тримовний дитячий садок Vision Preschool за канадською програмою навчання

Тримовний дитячий садок Vision Preschool за канадською програмою навчання

Who We Are


The first Vision establishments were created in 1995 in the province of Quebec, Canada, to give French-speaking children the opportunity to develop their language skills in an English immersion environment. Through the years, innovative teaching approaches and exclusive programs were developed by the Vision establishments to answer the needs of all its students.
In September 2016, the first Vision Preschool establishment opened in Rabat, Morocco. Vision Preschool Dakar (Senegal) and Vision Preschool Kyiv (Ukraine) opened in autumn 2018. Talks are currently underway with potential partners for further openings in the upcoming months.

What Sets Us Apart

Early Immersion


The Vision Preschool Network recognizes that ‘‘the sooner, the better’’ applies when it comes to learning a new language. The Vision approach to teaching languages is inspired by the most effective model for learning a language at a young age, which is the natural process used to develop our mother tongue. By “living” the new language on a daily basis, young children will progress at an unparalleled pace and will develop skills on which they will be able to rely on in the future.

Psychomotor Development


Psychomotor activities stimulate the development of habits considered essential for school learning. It’s important to stimulate and develop all children’s interest in the regular practice of physical activities. Through its expertise in psychomotor development, the Vision Preschool Network offers young children the opportunity to practice, in dynamic and age-appropriate environments, a variety of high-quality motor and psychomotor activities.

Early Literacy


To ensure their success in elementary school, young children need to feel competent as readers and writers. The Vision Preschool Network believes in the importance of early literacy and its benefits to the overall development of young children. In order to optimize the development of early literacy, the Vision Preschool Network builds on the fact that children are interested in the different writings that are a part of their surroundings, well before they enter school. In addition to making them appreciate the importance of writing, the activities proposed to young children will enable them to build invaluable school fundamentals.

Our Preschools Around the Worldи




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Франшиза дитячого саду Vision

Сфера діяльності:
дитячий дошкільний


Резюме бизнесу:
тримовний дитячий

дошкільний заклад

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Вартість франшизи:
CAD 40000

Періодичність платежів:
3 платежі в рік