How to teach a child to brush his teeth?

One of the elements of education is personal hygiene. We teach children to brush teeth on their own every day.

Parents from their side can help us , so there are some advices:

  • All toddlers enjoy copying adults, so mom and dad have to show how they brush teeth Sooner or later the kid will want to try.
  • Neither scold nor force your child if he does not want to do this or does not make it right. In the young age the fine motor skills  are underdeveloped , so for the boys and girls it is difficult to perform the task.
  • Let your child to choose a brush. It would be better to propose  several. So daily brushing will turn into an interesting play.
  • Let the child to try on toys. You can always show how dolls , bunnies and bears brush their teeth.

We not only advise, but also do so let’s observe successes together!

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