Physical education aims at developing child’s motor apparatus to ensure improvement of his health and successful further education.

The Vision Trilingual Preschool’s mini-gym program provides a wide range of activities for the development of psychomotor skills of children using play forms. It allows children to do physical exercises and to plunge in a dynamic, playful and educational environment. It also become a ground for development of necessary skills to control emotions, for social adaptation, for familiarization of the outward, and for improvement of the speech.

There is a close connection between child’s enjoyment from physical exercises and the development of his skills. Physical activities offered to the children are already adapted to their age, and therefore they have no difficulties to be part of them that stimulates their interest and, accordingly, the children enjoy them.

Physical activities in the mini-gym is conducted for all age groups on a daily basis, and duration of one lesson depends on age of the child.

• development of motor skills;

• improvement of movement coordination;

• development of techniques of static tension (posing) and relaxation;


• development of orientation in the area.